About Us

At Crafty Mask™, we believe in the power of imagination.
Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected ways - even from something as simple as a child’s doodle.

Crafty Mask™ co-founders, Avi Slavin and Elizabeth Volk, formed Crafty Mask™ after an “aha!” moment with Avi’s 3-year-old daughter, Mia. The pair had just launched a new company called CriticalSupplies.com where they offer a variety of masks that their company manufactures to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. 

One day, as Avi and Mia sat at the kitchen table, Mia did something that would eventually lead to the creation of the Crafty Mask. She picked up a mask and began doodling on it. From then on, she would only wear her own creation. Avi knew his daughter was onto something.

At the same time, Elizabeth's 11-year-old niece, Sarah, had also started to draw on face masks. Both kids used their masks as a canvas and made them their own. It became clear that the mask market had overlooked what made kids more likely to wear and love protective coverings in spite of the pandemic profoundly affecting kids' daily lives. By adding their own creativity to masks designed for adults, these two children innocently pointed to their own lack of options.

That's when the Crafty Mask was officially born.

Avi and Liz have drawn upon their extensive product and design experience to ensure that Crafty Mask™ provides top-notch quality, protection, comfort, and style. They’ve actively directed every step of the process from product design to manufacturing and shipping. They’ve even incorporated feedback from parents and children after sending out hundreds of beta masks. The end result: a mask that adults can trust and that can kids love to wear and make their own - over and over again. 

And the Crafty Mask™ team doesn’t intend to stop here. Avi and Liz are honored to make navigating the pandemic a bit easier with fun and protective products. They are passionate about further empowering and encouraging kids’ creativity long after COVID-19 is behind us. They plan to use Crafty Masks™ as the flagship product of their broader initiative, Crafty Solutions™, which will serve as a platform and incubator to enable parents, educators, and even children to bring additional arts and crafts-focused ideas to the market.